At Caliber Law, we understand that discussing estate planning can be difficult.

Life is incredibly unpredictable and having a Will could change how smoothly the transition will be. We want to assist in tackling those hard questions for you. While a Will may be just a document, it could put in protections for your loved ones. We will help you put together a Will specific to you and your needs when it comes to protecting your family and estate.

 What are the advantages of a Will?
  • You can name someone to step in and help with finalizing your wishes after your death and distribute your property based on your specific wishes
  • If you have minor children, you can name a guardian to care for your children to help them create a solid future should anything happen
  • The document will leave instructions as to how you would like your debts, taxes, or expenses to be paid
  • You will have the option to specify what powers you want the person administering your estate to have
  • Should you wish to donate to a charity, your Will specifies the charity and what amount

Key items to consider:

Probate Proceedings.  When planning an estate and utilizing a Will as your main tool for your estate, you must consider that your estate will have to go through the probate court before it may be administered to your loved ones. We want to make sure that you have a plan that has the best instructions to help your loved ones through the process.

Gifting.  There are lots of reasons to specify in your Will how much you want given to your beneficiaries. If you make gifts without careful consideration, you could be placing a heavy tax burden on your loved ones. We want to help you better understand what you can do to protect your loved ones and create gifts that can give you peace of mind.

Non-probate Property.  A Will does not protect all of your property. Most assets that have a named beneficiary are to be administered outright and not as directed through the Will. Examples of these types of assets would be life insurance policies, IRA's, stocks, bonds, securities, and transfer on death designations. We will assist you by discussing the many options available to make sure you have all of the protections you wish.

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