Obtaining Capital for Your Business

At Caliber Law, we understand the value of obtaining financing for your business. That is why we offer a broad range of services specifically developed for those seeking business capital or investors for their business.

Understanding how to finance your business can be just as important as understanding where to obtain financing for your business. From review and structuring of bank loans, to asking for outside investors to invest in your business, to protecting your rights as the money is coming in, it is essential that you are getting the right and up-to-date legal advice, on time and within budget. All businesses need capital to get off the ground – and we often see that the difference between whether your business fails or succeeds can often come down to what terms you can negotiate, and how well you planned to use and implement the money or funding once you have it. You need an experienced business law attorney who understands the ins and out of raising capital or obtaining financing, and can help protect you against the risks that can be seen in both options.

Atty. John W. Schuster, MBA has the experience and legal and business know-how to help you accomplish your goals and help you through the process of receiving funding or financing for your business. From the drafting and review of loan agreements to drafting documents to solicit, find, and take in investors, Atty. John W. Schuster can help you through the process while working with you to protect your rights.

Our Legal Services Include the Following:

  • Discussion of Bank Loans, Structure, and Discussion Regarding Personal Guarantees
  • Negotiating of and Review of Bank Loan Structure, Documents, and Terms
  • Reviewing and Negotiating with Prospective Business Partners and Those Looking to Invest in Your Business
  • Discussions Regarding the Pro's and Con's of Private Equity vs. Debt Financing
  • Term Sheet and Term Sheet Analysis
  • Angel Investors and Angel Capital
  • Private Investors and Raising Private Capital
  • Private Investor Disclosures
  • Soliciting Investors and State Registrations
  • Venture Capital
  • Work-outs on Bank Loans, Private Loans, and Banks
  • Assessment and Attorney Review of Investment or Investor Documents
  • Business Plan and Business Plan Analysis
  • Business Valuation and Business Valuation Consulting

We Offer Hourly and Flat Rate Arrangements to Guide You Through the Process of Obtaining Capital for Your Wisconsin Business

Since businesses need funds to start, the difference between whether your business succeeds or fails often comes down to how well you plan.

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