Collections and Post-Judgment Enforcement

At Caliber Law, when it comes to collections and successfully collecting your judgment, we want to make sure you get what you deserve.

Obtaining a judgment is only the first step in the litigation process.  Often times, you will need to take additional steps to compel the opposing party to pay the judgment.  At Caliber Law, we have developed a special process for helping clients collect on and enforce their judgments and we have aggressively pursued debtors at both the state court and federal court levels, resulting in the collection of thousands of dollars for our clients.

Whether or not we helped obtain your original judgment, we are here to help you collect it.

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Things to Consider in Post-Judgment Enforcement:

At Caliber Law, we will guide you through the post-judgment process and will help you answer any questions you have along the way, including the following:

  • What is the most cost-efficient collection strategy in your specific case?
  • Have all collection options been discussed and explored?
  • Has the debtor engaged in subsequent fraudulent conduct in transferring/concealing funds?
Our Post-Judgment Services Include:
  • Garnishments – Wage and Earnings
  • Garnishments – Bank Accounts and Non-Earnings
  • Replevins and Repossession of Assets
  • Docketing of Judgments
  • Partition Actions
  • Successor Liability Actions
  • Actions for Fraudulent or Illegal Transfer of Funds
  • Foreign State Judgment Enforcement
  • Background Checks, Due Diligence, and Skip Trace Services
  • Protection of Creditor's Rights in Bankruptcies
  • Conducting Supplemental Examinations to Compel Debtors' to Testify Regarding Assets
  • Bringing Motions for Contempt
  • Foreclosure of Real Estate Liens

We offer flat rate and hourly rate arrangements for our post-judgment enforcement services.


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