Financial Powers of Attorney

At Caliber Law, we realize that the world does not stop even when unfortunate events happen. 

Bills and financial responsibilities still need to be taken care of even when you may be recovering or incapacitated. We want to make sure you have documents with your wishes made available for the person you trust most.

A Financial Power of Attorney can offer protections for you prior to death by naming someone you trust to have the authority to take care of your monthly expenses, execute legal documents, balance accounts, pay mortgages, make insurance payments, and even do your taxes as your named Agent. Generally, an Agent would not step up until you would become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.

What does it mean to be incapacitated?

This would be the point in which you would not be able to receive or understand information or communicate clearly to effectively make your own decisions.

What type of control do I have?

Depending on how you personally want your matters taken care of, we will outline both authorities and limitations to the named Agent to specify what you will want or not want them to do. This can include giving them the authority to rollover a retirement plan or make gifts on your behalf. The choice would be yours and fit to your specific situation. These powers are important to cover for business owners as it can give your Agent the authority to operate your business while you may be recovering.

How long does it last?

A Financial Power of Attorney only lasts during your lifetime and directly for the duration that you are incapacitated. There are options that let you decide specifically when you want the powers to go into effect. We will discuss those options with you to best fit your situation and resolve any concerns.

Key Items to Consider:

Digital Media. We have approached the age of social media and paperless billing. Most of our financial accounts can now be accessed online. Many people forget about giving authority to their Agent to be able to have access to those accounts and leaving instructions to take care of anything in the digital world. We will walk you through the best options for handling these modern changes.

HIPAA Authorizations. Many people have medical bills that need to be paid, especially when you may be receiving care. This provision will give your Agent the authority to pay your medical bills on your behalf should you be unable to, but is strictly limited and will not allow your Agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf.

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