Buying or Selling Your Business

At Caliber Law, we understand exactly what it takes to buy and sell a business – through our unique business and legal background, we are ready to help you set yourself up for success.

Buying or selling your business can be one of the most important decisions and events of your life – which is why it is important that you choose the right attorney to guide you through the process.

When it comes to helping you buy or sell your business, not all attorneys are created equal, and certainly no attorney is the same. Many attorneys think they can assist you in selling your business and state that it is only a “paper transaction,” which means you are on your own in making very important decisions which could greatly affect your well-being and chance for success – financially and businesswise – down the road. The reality is that there is a right way and a wrong way in going through a potential purchase or potential sale of a business, and many important factors and variables should and need to be taken into account to make sure the best result for you, as the buyer or the seller, is obtained. There are many important legal and tax ramifications to you down the road if your transaction is not properly facilitated, negotiated, and structured, as well as many pitfalls that both a buyer and seller can walk unknowingly and unprepared into.

As a result, it is extremely important that you have an experienced business attorney who understands the entire process of purchasing and selling a business, and who will walk and guide you through the entire negotiation and purchase and sale process to help you take into account the right tax, legal, and business considerations that may not be apparent to an attorney who has not guided his clients through a great deal of business sale and business purchase transactions.

Atty. John W. Schuster, MBA has successfully assisted and guided multiple business owners and soon-to-be-business owners, in multiple different disciplines and industries, through this buying and selling process, and with his business background he understands exactly what it takes to formulate a legal and business plan to meet your individual objectives and business goals.

John's unique background in having both his JD and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison enables him to give his clients smart, up-to-date, and practical legal advice on the best way to carry out their transaction from both a business and legal perspective. Whether it is through the negotiation of the deal, advising you of the ins and outs of the transaction, preparing your business for sale, or performing due diligence and making due diligence requests for you to narrow down the business issues, Atty. John W. Schuster will help you make sure you are getting what you bargained for and/or help you get the best price for your business through the sale. Simply put, the purchase of your business, or the sale of your own business, is the single biggest asset and decision you are likely to make in your life, and as such, you should make sure that you have a competent attorney such as Atty. John W. Schuster at your side so you can use his special background, insight, and skills to guide you carefully through this entire process.

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Important Factors to Take Into Account When Buying or Selling a Business:

  • No two attorneys are created the same - you will want an attorney who has been through the purchase and sale process multiple times, and understands business. An experienced business attorney will recognize business considerations that may not be apparent to an attorney who doesn't have the necessary experience.
  • There are very significant legal and tax ramifications - that can result if your transaction is not properly negotiated and structured from beginning to end.
  • Your purchase and sale transaction will fail - if the attorney assisting you does not understand the ins and outs of business and the importance of certain due diligence measures and provisions that are unique and specific to the sales of businesses.

We Can Assist You Through This Important Process By:

  • Helping you form and meet your individual objectives and business goals, and a strategy and outcome that work best for you
  • Giving you smart and practical legal advice on the best way to carry out your transaction
  • Providing you with the necessary documentation and legal protection you need to help you through this important process:

    • Letters of Intent
    • Bills of Sale
    • Due Diligence and Due Diligence Request Lists
    • Investor Agreements
    • Review of Key Contracts
    • Assessments of Intellectual Property
    • Non-Compete Agreements
    • Key Employee Agreements
    • Stock Restriction and Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Asset Purchase Agreements
    • Stock Purchase Agreements

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